Charleston Rifle Club

2221 Heriot Street

Charleston, SC 29403-3023

Phone: 843-722-4853

Fax: 843-722-2455



Club Hours (Summer Hours)

Monday & Tuesday 5pm to 9pm

Wednesday & Thursday 5pm to 10pm

Friday & Saturday 5pm to 12pm

Sunday 1pm to 8pm




A Union cannon graces the inside foyer of the club. This cannon was found on the island on the Ashley River. George Kornaherns moved this cannon to his place of business and had several men clean and refurbish it and return it to the clubhouse.

Researched by the club historian Alfred J Crabtree indicates that the 3.5 inch projectile, 12 pound howizer was orginally thought to be Confederate, was actually a Federal cannon. It bears the inscription of Norman Wiard, a Canadian who lived from 1826-1896 and served as Supertendent of Ordinaces Stores for the Federal Government. Wiard’s patent and the inscribed number “6” were revealed when George Kornaherns and this men meticulously stripped and restored the cannon in 1979.

Alfred Crabtree links the cannon to Union Raids led by Major General Ambrose E. Burnside. In October 1861, Burnside received permission to disrupt Confederate communications. He sailed north in January 1882 with 12 cannons. Cannon “6” may have been lost or Confederate forces may have captured it. The cannon reportedly was retrieved from the island after the war. It’s marine carriage supports the theory that it was aboard Burnside’s ship